Iron Finance Roadmap

Iron Finance Ecosystem Preview v1

Iron Finance is building a full suite of decentralized finance ecosystem of products and use cases on the Polygon network.

The official Iron Finance token is the ICE token, inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire novels, where the Iron Throne is a well-known symbol.

Please see below the Iron Finance products and features scheduled for release in 2021.

Roadmap 2021 Q3

  • ICE token launch [12 July 2021]

  • IronSwap - stablecoin swap product [12 July 2021]

  • Governance staking [15 July 2021]

  • IronLend - lending platform for borrowing and lending crypto assets [04 August 2021]

  • Stablecoin [August 2021]

  • Private auto compounding vaults for stable assets

  • IronDAO

  • Iron Finance Lottery and games

Roadmap 2021 Q4

  • Synthetic tokens

  • IronDEX (non-stablecoins)

  • Cross-chain expansion

  • Expansion to more DEXes and CEXes

  • Launch additional pools

  • Partnerships

  • Binary options trading

  • Additional audits

  • User dashboard