Q0: Where to buy BlueICE?

We strongly suggest you not to buy BlueICE on the market due to low liquidity. Instead, the ideal way is to buy ICE and go to

Q1: How is APR estimated?

APR calculations are based on price. Right now, the price of BlueICE will be estimated based on the number of ICE locked and BlueICE minted. We know the price of ICE, then we will estimate BlueICE price based on the ratio. We will use that until there is a market for BlueICE.

Q2: How much BlueICE will I receive when I stake ICE?

The logic is: - The maximum duration to lock is 3 years (1095 days) - Example 1: If you lock 100 ICE for the max duration you will get 100 BlueICE - Example 2: If you lock for a shorter duration, like 100 days, then you will get 100 ICE * (100 / 1095) = 9.13 BlueICE

Q3: When I unstake ICE, (assuming no early penalty) do I get the original amount of ICE back or do I now have BlueICE?

Lock ICE -> get BlueICE Unlock ICE -> burn BlueICE

Q4: What if I sell my BlueICE on a DEX? How would I unlock the ICE I initially locked to get BlueICE?

In order to unlock your ICE, you need to hold the required amount of blueICE in your wallet, meaning you would need to acquire more. You can not sell your BlueICE and then unlock your initial ICE.

Q5: Is it possible to unlock just a fraction of my ICE?

No, if you locked 100 ICE, you need to unlock all of them or nothing.

Q6: What if I want to withdraw my stake early?

In order to unlock ICE again, users will need to use the exact amount of BlueICE required. There will be a 30% penalty for withdrawing early. That 30% is then burned. The early exit penalty effectively burns ICE immediately.

Q7: How can I acquire more blueICE?

- You can simply increase the amount of ICE locked to get more BlueICE - You also can increase the duration of ICE locked to get more BlueICE

Q8: Can I reduce my locked duration?

No, there is no option to reduce the duration. Withdrawing early results in a 30% early withdrawal penalty. That 30% is burned. The early exit penalty effectively burns ICE immediately.

Q9: If I deposit more BlueICE, what happens to my claimable USDC?

A: It will be claimed when you deposit more BlueICE.

Q10: Can I have multiple staking durations? Like one for 1 week, a separate 1 for 1 month?

No. One wallet address allows for one duration. If you want multiple durations it is recommended to use multiple wallet addresses.

Q11: If I buy blueICE on the open market, can I use it to unlock ICE?

No. If you don't have locked ICE then you can't unlock anything
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