Acquiring IRON
There are 3 ways to obtain the IRON stablecoin:
1) Mint the IRON stablecoin: 2) Borrow the IRON stablecoin for 0% interest at IronLend: 3) Buy the IRON stablecoin at IronSwap:
1) We have reintroduced the very straightforward stablecoin mint/redeem mechanism (0.5%/0.9% fee, respectively where accumulated fees can go to governance stakers). We will keep the stablecoin overcollateralized thus low-risk.
2) Alternatively, IRON can borrowed on IronLend by various crypto-native collateral assets, and is able to exist without a central authority or administrator that may abuse its influence. Being overcollateralized, IRON effectively removes bank-run risks resulting from price risk (such as loss of $1 peg). Overcollateralization ensures FULL redeemability, as IRON can and will always be treated at face value of $1 when minting or redeeming. An additional benefit of borrowing IRON is that one can keep their exposure to the collateral provided. In other words, one doesn’t have to sell their crypto assets to obtain USDC and mint IRON. Additionally, those collateral assets accrue interest by providing supply to IronLend. Collateral Factors may change based on the needs of the protocol and governance initiatives. Always consult Key Parameters to be conscious of borrow limits and liquidation risks. 3) Lastly, you can buy the IRON stablecoin at IronSwap at just 0.02% swap fee!
Last modified 3mo ago
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