PUSD Partnership
PUSD, the stablecoin from Polyquity has premiered on IronSwap DEX on 22 July 2021
POOL: IronSwap PUSD-IS3USD: http://app.iron.finance/swap/pools
FARM: PolyQuity PUSD-IS3USD LP (PYQ incentives): https://app.polyquity.org/farms

About PolyQuity and PUSD stablecoin

PolyQuity is a decentralized borrowing protocol on the Polygon network which allows users to borrow the PUSD stablecoin against the MATIC token at 0% interest. PUSD is obtained by staking Matic and used to pay out loans on the PolyQuity protocol. At any time it can be redeemed against the underlying collateral at face value. The integration with IronSwap will enable PUSD users to swap at low swap fees and up to 100X smaller slippage compared to other DEXes like QuickSwap and SushiSwap on the Polygon network!
PolyQuity has been audited by Certik: https://docs.polyquity.org/security/audits-reports
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