Risk Harbor Insurance Integration
Website: https://app.riskharbor.com/home Risk Harbor is a multi-chain risk-management platform offering users the option to cheaply purchase insurance (downside risk protection) for IronSwap's IS3USD pool. This pool protects liquidity providers against hacks and attacks on the pool. It pays out when the number of withdrawn DAI+USDC+USDT tokens is less than 80% of the IS3USD LP tokens redeemed.

Guide for insurance buyers

Assuming you are already a LP in IS3USD poo, follow the steps in this very simple ELI5 article on how to buy protection:
STEP 2: Simply purchase protection:
Related video guide: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl5xMQVnNbWJdvYsS2RIUrA/videos For detailed information about Risk Harbor insurance products, please visit https://docs.riskharbor.com/
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