xUSD Partnership
xUSD, the stablecoin from the xDollar project has premiered on IronSwap DEX on 06 August 2021
IronSwap Contracts:
XUSD-IS3USD LP Farm with XDO incentives: https://xdollar.mcn.ventures/#/farm

About xDollar and xUSD stablecoin

xDollar is an interest-free stablecoin minting platform built upon Liquity protocol operating on Polygon. xDollar’s vision is to become the cross-chain non-custodial stablecoin minting platform with DAO governance and a multi-collateral vault system.
xDollar enables users to open troves and mint non-custodial stablecoin, xUSD against their collateral with a minimum collateral ratio of only 110%. This xUSD can be staked in the stability pool, or placed into a stablecoin LP position to earn yield in XDO governance tokens.
The integration with IronSwap will enable xUSD users to swap at lowest swap fees (0.02%) and up to 100X smaller slippage which greatly maximizes capital efficiency compared to other DEXes like QuickSwap and SushiSwap on the Polygon network!
Learn more about xDollar and get involved in the community: Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Docs | Website
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